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This bespoke kit comprises cleansing oil, micellar water, exfoliating cream and perfecting solution. 

FILLMED Deep Cleansing Kit (Set of 4)

  • Cleansing Oil

    The cleansing oil effectively removes waterproof make up from the face, eyes and lips leaving the skin perfectly clean and comfortable without and tightness. Apply directly to dry face, massage, add some water to emulsify. Rinse with water.

    KEY INGREDIENTS: Gentle make up removing agent Complex of soothing oils

    INDICATIONS: Cleaning, make-up removal – All skin types.

    Micellar Water

    Ideal for sensitive skin, this micellar water removes make up from face, eyes, even waterproof mascara and lips leaving the skin perfectly cleansed and refreshed with instant cooling effect. Apply with cotton pad. No rinse.

    KEY INGREDIENTS: ■ Complex of 3 gentle surfactants ■ Niacinamide

    Exfoliating Cream

    This micro-polishing cream provides a mechanical exfoliating of dead cells on the skin surface. With a controlled exfoliating action, this cream stimulates cells in the basal layer before reactivating the cell regeneration process.

    KEY INFORMATION: Micro-polishing beads Complex of 3 surfactants

    Perfecting Solution

    This lightweight solution is formulated with gluconolactone a gentle acid, that exfoliates dead cells, smoothes the texture of the skin, reduces irregularities and leaves the skin fresh and clear.

    KEY INGREDIENTS: ■ Gluconolactone 0.5%

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